Here you will find all that you need
for the work with Henna Tattoo :

Black Henna
   That look like real Black Tattoo after one hour
   Which making your work with
   Henna Tattoo more fast and reliable
   A3 format and biger sizes up to 1 m
Catalogues (Price list)
   For work with customers
   How to use and mix Henna Powder

Black Henna is Excellent for Beauty Centres , SPA ,Work on the Sea , Beach , Street , and at Home
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Henna Tattoo can last from 7 - 15 days :
Ellinika / Greek
Duration depends on :
Type of the skin:
Long Last           if is dry skin   
Short Last           if is oily skin

Skin colour :
Long Last           if is dark skin , because dark  background
Short Last           if is light skin , because light background

Place where you making tattoo:
Long Last           on the legs ,palms ,and places where sweating less
Short Last           neck and places with  more sweating 

Henna importer from India.  Buy from the first hand.  Cheapest solution.
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